Financial Plan

Get the answers you have been asking: 

  •   Will I have enough money to retire? 
  •   When can I retire?   
  •   How can I get out of Debt?   
  •   Should I take my Social Security at 62, take it at full retirement age or wait until I am 70?  
  •   What is the best way to save for college and how much should be saved?

For a sample look at our financial plan, please click on the below link.  You will be directed through a six step data entry process where you can link in key information from different sources.   Upon completing the process, you will automatically have access to the Balance Sheet, Liquidity, and Budget screens under the Dashboard.  At that point, if you are interested in a pursuing a more detailed plan, please call Keith or Wade at 386-677-0191 or email them at or,