Cultivating (v.) tilling; preparing for crops; improving in worth or good qualities


Just as the ground must be prepared to grow a productive harvest, we plan and prepare with you regarding your current and future needs. Each portfolio is customized to each client's individual risk and goals. If we may, we consider ourselves more organic than farmers on a mass scale.


Farmers have many things to think about before planting:

  • What is the best use of the land?
  • What will grow in their region?
  • Are there crops that should, or should not, be grown cooperatively?
  • Will the crops require a lot of water or less water?
  • What kind of fertilizers and pest control will be needed?
  • Which crops be sold that season to make the most money?
  • How long will it take for the crops to come to harvest?


These are just some of the questions a farmer must decide before even planting anything. Seeing the end result!


Investing is similar.  Each investor is different.  What is the goal of the investor?  What is their age?  How much risk do they want to take?  Is income needed now or in the future?  Is there a short-term or long-term need?  What is their comfort level of investing?   Again, seeing the end result!


Since the market has inherent risk, we believe our focus should be on creating a customized portfolio that will weather a variety of economic conditions and help our clients reach their goals.  Hence, each portfolio is cultivated according to our clients personal needs.  It is in this way that we believe ourselves to be organic rather then driven by size.