Tending & Growing (v.) taking care of and increasing, thriving


We review, rebalance, trim, weed, and patiently wait for you farm to produce your desired thriving crops.


A farmer does not just plant a crop and then do nothing until harvest time.  Until the crop is ready for harvest, he will oversee the crops, make ongoing adjustments depending on the weather, and treat the soil for pests and other potential hazards.  Weeding and other activities may be required as well.


Investing is similar.  Once a portfolio is created, ongoing review is required.  Rebalancing may be prudent, new positions may be added to sectors not invested in, or trimming a position may be needed should a position get to concentrated.  Balance and patience is required for both until the harvest of crops, the financial goal, is reached and/or money is needed.


When it comes to individual stocks and bonds, we believe that no one position should comprise any more than roughly 5% of the portfolio’s total value. This helps to avoid possible financial catastrophes caused by overexposure in one position. We also believe that our clients should own at least one position in each of the ten economic sectors within the market since we never know for sure which sector(s) may over or underperform. Taking a balanced approach can help mitigate issues that occur due to various market scenarios. Finally, a percentage of cash in a client’s portfolio is prudent for protection as well as having money available when the markets give us a great buying opportunity.