The investment approach that we prefer to take with our clients is the culmination of over
70 years of combined industry experience. This approach is built around three key
components: risk tolerance, quality and variety. Continue reading for a more nuanced

The First Key - Your Appetite for Risk

It doesn’t matter how good the portfolio looks on paper if you cannot sleep at night
worrying about your investments. We plan your portfolio based on your concerns and
what you feel is important to you. We take into consideration what life and financial goals
you may have, what your monetary needs are, and what your expectations of what we
can do for you. This information helps us to set a baseline for how we can allocate your
monies across the investment spectrum.

The Second Key - Always Quality

Having experienced several downmarkets over the last 30+ years, our experience has
taught us that quality always holds up better and remains more consistent over the long
haul. While it may not be “vogue” at times, it is always classic. Whether stock or bond,
we look for credit quality to be BBB+ or better, preferring to utilize those with an A to A+
anytime we are able to. This is referred to as investment grade. We look for companies
with low debt and a long track record of not only paying a dividend, but also increasing
that income each year, in essence giving our clients’ portfolios a pay raise. Bonds are
purchased in laddered form so that our client’s are provided an income stream, without
having to worry about interest rates or market direction.

The Third Key - Variety is the Spice of Life

This third key component ties our approach together. In regards to individual stocks and
bonds, we believe that no one position should comprise any more than roughly 5% of the
portfolio’s total value. This helps to avoid possible financial catastrophes caused by
being overexposed in one position. We also believe that our clients should own at least
one position in each of the ten economic sectors within the stock side of their portfolio.
We can never know for sure which sector(s) may over or underperform, but taking a
balanced approach can help mitigate issues with those that perform differently to various
market scenarios. We follow only 300 companies and continually evaluate them on their
performance versus expectations. We love being able to find a great stock when it’s “on
sale”. Lastly, we always like to keep some cash within our client’s portfolios for
protection as well as providing a great buying opportunity when the markets give us that