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Services and What to Expect….
We counsel individuals, families and businesses by carefully listening to their objectives and customizing plans to meet those objectives.  Many of our services include: 

Based on each client's objectives, time frames, life stages, and risk tolerance we craft an investment plan focusing on quality and diversification.  We invest in name-recognizable, undervalued and dividend-paying companies.  We add a laddered portfolio of individual bonds and/or CDs that offer maturity dates.  Finally, we hedge the portfolio with alternatives with the intent of a more stable and consistent return and a goal of reducing downside risk.  

We offer IRAs and Employer Plans ( i.e. Simple, SEP and 401k plans).  It is our desire to help educate our clients when selecting investments for retirement.  We also offer rollover opportunities to those leaving their workplace.

Educational costs have soared.  We offer a variety of plans to help our clients meet these costs.  Educational IRA and 529’s are examples.  

We offer Life Insurance and Annuities depending on the clients objectives.  Is there a need for protecting a family should there be an untimely death?  Long Term Care protection?  Assisting in Wealth Transfer?  Stable on-going income?

Ongoing Communication
We have ongoing communication via phone or email, keeping the client well-informed with their account and interests.  We encourage open and ongoing communication, with the desire of establishing not only a lasting business relationship but also a friendship.

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