Our Services & Financial Tools

Our clients include multi generational individuals and businesses.  Because of that, we find that each generation may require different strategies and financial plans.  

The millennial is just starting their careers.  They have become the largest generation today.  More times than not they have school debt they are concerned about and are looking for the best course of action in paying it off. They are a generation that focuses on saving money but also has a spontaneity to use those savings to travel for that life experience so planning for that is important.  They are very well versed in technology and are prone to believe they can do everything themselves.  We believe that working with a seasoned advisor helps the millennial create a plan that helps them to live their experiences today. 

Generation X & Y -  They have had a tough go of it.  They are a generation where it seems the rules were changed in mid stream.  Company pensions have gone away and they have been forced to adapt to saving for their retirement.  They were hit hardest during the 2007-2008 recession. They lost their jobs because of the down sizing and in many cases had to accept jobs that don't pay as well and thus they are behind saving for retirement.  They predominately live paycheck to paycheck and continue to play catchup. We believe that working with a seasoned advisor helps the generation X'er create a plan that helps them get on track and reach their retirement goal.

Baby boomer generation.  They are the oldest generation and thus have been working the longest and are either retired or are within 10 years of retirement.  This retiree is looking for an income plan with some semblance of safety of principal on their mind.  One of the biggest burdens they are faced with is the fear of living too long and having to experience long term care expense.   The younger baby boomer is still focused on creating a plan that gets them to the finished line to live a comfortable retirement and to live out their dream. They too have to be cautious in the amount of risk in their overall investment plan.  We believe that a seasoned advisor can meet them where they are.  We will help create a plan that gives those not retired yet a clear picture of when that can happen. For those that are retired, we will create an income plan that has the objective of some growth and a raise in income each year.  Finally, we have the tools they can offer to help protect against living too long and needing care in the home or in a long term care community.  

Despite the generational differences, we have the financial tools to meet each person where they are in life.  We welcome the diversity and the opportunity to offer each person with financial peace. 

Financial Tools 

Investment Management and Prudent Advice

Cash Management

  • Checking Accounts / Debit Cards
  • Money Market
  • FDIC Certificate of Deposits

Retirement Strategies

For Individuals: 

  • Individual Retirement Accounts, (IRAs) - tax-deferred growth
  • Roth IRA's - tax deferred growth with tax free withdrawals 

For Business:

  • Payroll deduction plans, 
  • Simplified Employer Plans (SEP)
  • Simple IRA's 
  • 401k options

Life Insurance and Long Term Care

Insurance is a key component of financial planning. We have a team that will help you decide the right type and coverage for your insurance policies. There are many life insurance policies available today that not only offer a death benefit when you pass but can be used to withdraw tax free income in retirement or pay for long term care.

Estate Planning

Legacy Planning is a key planning tool.  We encourage all our clients to make sure wills and beneficiaries are named and up to date.  Life has a way of changing and staying up to date is key.  A power of attorney and living will should also be discussed.  Finally, trusts could be a help to maximize the value of your estate while reducing taxes and other expenses.  We have a list of attorneys that we can recommend that will help keep your estate in order.